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IT'S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH in the Blogosphere!

09/10/2013 13:32
  IT'S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH is getting some serious love from bloggers lately!   1 Book Lover's Opinion is hosting a giveaway and spotlight for me.  Hop on over here and get your name in the Rafflecopter drawing for a free ecopy!   The Masquerade Crew is also hosting a...


09/04/2013 19:39
SWIMMING UPSTREAM by Ruth Mancini is a lovely read! Get it here! SWIMMING UPSTREAM by Ruth Mancini is a poignant story about one woman’s journey to finding out what she really needs in life.  The novel is well-written and descriptive, instantly pulling you in and making you care about each of...


08/30/2013 16:08
  Yep, that’s right, folks.  August 30th is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!   (Not to be confused with S’mores Day, which is August 10th.)    I love doing these blog posts about “National (whatever) Days”—if nothing else, it gives me a reason to eat something fun.  I...

Omnimystery News Interview

08/30/2013 09:26
  I think in all of the excitement of getting ready for my blog tour and my book promo, I forgot to post a link to my very cool interview with Omnimystery News!   Read "A Conversation with Mystery Author Caroline Fardig" here: Thanks, Omnimystery...


08/28/2013 12:43
  If you're in college, loved college, or even remember college, this is the book for you.  My new author friend  Deborah Nam-Krane has written a fantastic chick-lit novel about the ups and downs of college life.   Get your copy here or here!  NOW!   I truly enjoyed...

August 26th is NATIONAL DOG DAY!

08/26/2013 12:37
It’s National Dog Day!  Here are my two "little" girls, Lucy and Goldie, a 90-pound Boxer and a 110-pound Golden Retriever.  I like big dogs...and I cannot lie. Get out there and celebrate National Dog Day with your best friend.  It’s hot outside, so for the love of dog, PLEASE make...

Thank you, Sarka-Jonae!

08/26/2013 11:58
  I would like to say a huge   THANK YOU!!!!!   to my publicist, and friend, Sarka-Jonae of SJ Publicity.    Sarka has worked tirelessly to get my book out in front of the public, and as a result, IT’S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH became a bestselling book this past week. ...

A PROPER CHARLIE--chick-lit novel on sale now!

08/26/2013 09:52
My fellow Chick Lit Goddess member, Louise Wise is having a $0.99 sale on her book.  Check it out!   As of NOW until the end of September "A Proper Charlie" by Louise Wise is on offer for under a dollar.   All Charlie Wallis wants is to be loved. Brought up in a children’s home she...

Masquerade Crew Mystery Scavenger Hunt!

08/26/2013 09:39
Please visit my friends at the Masquerade Crew and play the Mystery...       Discover 8 mystery books by playing a scavenger hunt, which is sponsored by the Masquerade Crew.   After you answer questions about the 8 books, lots of entry options open up to you,...

Interview with Indie Author Land

08/23/2013 12:25
  Thanks to Indie Author Land for interviewing me!  You can read the interview on their website here.  Follow them on Facebook as well.  They do a lot for the indie writing community!    
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