It's my turn! The TV Do-Over Blog Hop is all mine today!

07/25/2014 20:52


For my first of two rants, I’m going to start with a longtime favorite of mine, Warehouse 13

I absolutely adore all of the characters, and even the “persona” of the Warehouse itself, but I have to admit, I stopped watching midway through Season 4.  Why, you ask, if I was such a fan and was emotionally invested in the characters?  It’s because I was so invested in the characters! 


I couldn’t handle it when Artie killed Leena.  Couldn’t.  Handle.  It.  Artie is the rock, the “father figure” to all of the Warehouse 13 agents.  I know, I know, he had been whammied by an artifact when he did the dastardly deed, so he wasn’t technically to blame.  Even so, I would have liked to think that Artie, of all of them, could have found it in himself to fight off the astrolabe’s downside effects. 


Don’t do it, Artie!


At least, if Leena had to die, couldn’t someone else have done it?  Not one of the other main characters of course, but how about one of the many villains who frequented the show?  I mean, bring in a baddie and make Artie have to choose between the fate of the Warehouse and Leena’s life! 


I realize this crazy plot twist gave the characters, especially Artie, a lot to work through, and we got to witness some great acting because of it.  Here comes the however…  However, I still feel like Artie got off scot-free.  Not that I would want Artie to suffer, because he did at the hands of his own conscience.  I just think there should have been more consequences for him, like even losing his job, at least for a while.  I guess my beef was really with the regents, more than anything.  The regents were so matter-of-fact about Leena’s passing, it made me angry.  I never liked the regents, anyway.




That said, when I found out that Warehouse 13 was to come to an end this year, I got all nostalgic and decided to fan up and watch again.  Luckily, there were a few rerun marathons on Syfy to catch me up to speed so that I could enjoy the final episodes.  And I did.  Immensely. 


Savage Seduction.  Best.  Episode.  Ever.  ¡Caramba!


I had missed the zany cast of Warehouse 13, plus I had to know whether they’d go for the HEA and finally let Pete and Myka fall in love.  Of course, they did, but I have to say I was a little disappointed that they crammed their profession of love into the last episode.  I wanted a little more “Pyka” time!


The Kiss.


All in all, Warehouse 13 is a great show, and aside from the little hiccup there, it had a nearly perfect run.  And unless I read something into it, they actually apologized during the final episode for killing off Leena.  In one of Mrs. Frederic’s memories, she and Leena are meeting for the first time.  Leena has a revelation that she will someday die in the Warehouse, telling Mrs. Frederic that her death will not be able to be prevented, “but it’s all right”.


If that wasn’t an apology, I don’t know what is.


Stop back by my blog again tomorrow, where Midwest Writers Guild prez Aaron Deckard will take his turn at the TV Do-Over Blog Hop! 



The TV Do-Over Blog Hop is still hopping along!

07/25/2014 13:32


Today we head to

Lilian Roberts' blog.


Lilian will discuss what she'd change about

The Originals, a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries.


Don't miss her post!


And tomorrow, come right back here to my blog for my do-over of Warehouse 13!


One of my college buddies joins the TV Do-Over Blog Hop fun!

07/24/2014 07:57


I'm so excited to have my old college friend

Kerrie Fassett Olzak

blogging today for the TV Do-Over Blog Hop!


Kerrie is taking us back a decade to do-over an episode of Scrubs.

Don't miss her hilarious post!


And don't miss tomorrow's TV Do-Over post by Lilian Roberts!


We're hopping all the way to Australia today!

07/23/2014 18:12


The TV Do-Over Blog Hop goes to Australia today to visit

Monique McDonell's blog!


Monique's do-over is the series finale of

How I Met Your Mother

I, too, am a HIMYM fan and also HATED the last episode, and if I'm being completely honest, I hated the Mother, too.  Sorry.  

Hop over to Monique's blog to see what she has to say!

(Haaaaave you met Monique?)


And tomorrow, hop over to my college friend Kerrie Olzak's blog for tomorrow's post!


Today's stop on the TV Do-Over Blog Hop

07/22/2014 14:19


The blog hop stops at Laura Chapman's

Change the Word

for her rant on Gilmore Girls.

Laura's a funny lady, and her post is full of fun.


Stay tuned for tomorrow's article on Monique McDonell's blog.


The TV Do-Over Blog Hop begins!

07/21/2014 19:38


Hop to Deborah Nam-Krane's blog,

Written by Deb

for today's TV Do-Over!


Deb will be discussing her favorite show... 

well, at least her favorite to complain about, 

Hawaii Five-0!

Don't miss it!


And tomorrow, we hop over to Laura Chapman's blog, Change the Word!


TV Do-Over Blog Hop starts TOMORROW!

07/20/2014 14:41


It starts tomorrow!

The TV Do-Over Blog Hop

Join me, along with 10 of my writer friends, as we hop from blog to blog, dishing on what we would change about our favorite TV shows.

The hop starts at Deborah Nam-Krane's blog, Written By Deb.  She's going to unleash her writer's rage on Hawaii Five-0, which is the show she and I love to rehash after every episode.  

Check back tomorrow for the direct link to her article!



07/17/2014 14:50


My writer friends and I are always talking about our favorite TV shows.  Mostly, we complain about what the TV writers did to our favorite characters and storylines and discuss what we think they should have done instead.  I thought it would be a blast to do our daily gossiping as a "blog hop" instead.  From July 21 - August 3, join me and a bunch of my writer buddies as we present our...


"TV Do-Over" Blog Hop



Here's the schedule:

July 21--Deborah Nam-Krane

July 22--Laura Chapman

July 23--Monique McDonell

July 24-- Kerrie Olzak 

July 25--Lilian Roberts

July 26--ME!

July 27--Aaron Deckard (guest blogging here)

July 28--Courtney Giardina

July 29--Deborah Nam-Krane

July 30--Danielle-Claude Ngontang

July 31--Jami Deise

August 1--Zanna Mackenzie

August 2--Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

August 3--Me, again!


I'll post a link here everyday to the daily Blog Hop spot so you can follow us as we hop all over the blogosphere!



Summer with a 7-year-old

06/28/2014 16:32


I love summer.  I have my kids home all of the time, there’s plenty to do outdoors, and vacations abound.  Summer is hell on my writing, though.  I get absolutely nothing done, but I have a great time playing hooky from work.


With my kids being older this summer (7 and 11), I’ve tried to give them a little freedom to choose what we do to fill our days.  Sometimes it’s crafting, cooking, playing games, watching movies, swimming, biking…whatever their little minds can come up with.  It’s always fun, but sometimes it’s fun-ny, especially with a sassy 7-year-old in charge.



I asked my sweet little Lizzie what movie she’d like to see, thinking she’d say something like “Earth to Echo” or “Rio 2”.  Nope. 

She said, “I want to see ‘Captain America’.”

“Why?  I didn’t think you were into superhero movies,” I replied.

She put one hand on her hip and pointed in the air with the other hand.  “Mom, Captain America is HOT.  That’s why I want to go see the movie.”

She had me there.  So, “Captain America” it was.



Lizzie loves drawing and making crafts.  She was up in her room a couple of weeks ago, working hard on something.  When she emerged, she was carrying this:

Mommy’s heart nearly burst.  There’s no better compliment than your kid thinking that your book is cool.  Even though my heroine is named after her, Lizzie is not allowed to read it just yet.  I know she wants to, because when I’m working on my writing, she likes to sneak up behind me and read over my shoulder.  And when a soon-to-be 2nd grader has a 6th grade reading level, she’s able to sound out a lot of words that she probably shouldn’t.



I let my kids be “chefs” in the kitchen.  They’re allowed to make any concoction of food that they want, but they have to take a bite of it.  Today, Lizzie decided to make something for me.  It was “Flour-dough bread with oatmeal, cheddar, spices, and pomme-chipettes”.  Yeah.  Lizzie thinks flour can be a garnish, like Parmesan cheese or something.  Oatmeal, too.  And “pommes-chipettes”?  We can thank the TV show “Jessie” for that one.  Pommes-chippettes are basically potato chip crumbs.  Not one of Lizzie's best dishes.

But she arranged it so artfully, how could a mommy say no?


I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me tomorrow.


Yes, I posted this last summer, but no one listened, so I'm posting it again. Get over it.

06/18/2014 14:34


I admit it.  I recycled this blog post.  BUT, this summer I went to the same beach, and I saw the same damn thing.  And, because of that, this article bears repeating.


It’s BIKINI SEASON, ladies!  And you know what that means…it’s time to buy a one-piece.  I went to the beach at Hilton Head, South Carolina a few weeks ago, and was truly appalled at what I saw.  I know, I know, as women we should fight back against the media’s skewed image of how women are “supposed” to look, and we should celebrate our curves and all that crap, but seriously.  Girls, we need to make a concerted effort to look in the mirror before going out in public. 

Swimsuits are no different than clothes—all styles do not look becoming on all figures.  That’s why there are a million different brands, cuts, and designs from which to choose.  Just pick something that fits and covers up the jiggly parts—that’s all I’m asking here!  I’m not saying that if you don’t look like Megan Fox that you should just put on a muumuu and be done with it.  Please, if that were the case, I’d never have been allowed to set foot in a swimwear store.  I’m just saying that we as women need to take one simple oath.  Say it with me:

“Just because a bikini comes in my size does not mean that I should buy it or wear it.”

There.  I said it.  And I’m going to say this, too:  if I can’t bounce a dime off of your abs, I don’t want to see them. 

Let this be your should-I-buy-that-bikini guide.  If you can answer “yes” to any of the following criteria, do us all a solid and put the suit back on the rack and walk away.

  •   My belly hangs over the waistband.
  •   More of my cleavage is showing than is covered by fabric.
  •   My cleavage is nearer to my waist than to my shoulders.
  •   I am 60 years old.
  •   My butt is showing.
  •   I am pregnant.

This simple list should help you from becoming an eyesore at your local swimming hole.  You’re welcome.

Oh, and one more thing, don’t jog down the beach in a bandeau bikini without a neckstrap, ever.  Thanks to an older lady who crossed my line of vision on vacation, I can’t un-see that.  


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