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Episode 2 Show Notes

Thank you for coming back and listening to my podcast! I had a great time talking with new and old friends on this episode.

Nichole Christoff’s Jamie Sinclair series can be found wherever ebooks are sold:

Listeners can find Nichole:

as well as on Goodreads and BookBub

Lanea Stagg/The Pit Barbell Club

Update on this segment…after talking with Lanea, I decided to give competitive weight lifting a try, and I’m hooked! I see Lanea once a week to train, with my eye on a competition sometime this summer! (And yes, I'll have to be able to bench a lot more weight than I'm doing here, but I'm stability training in this shot.)

The Pit Barbell Club info

Lanea Stagg author info—Look for Little Dog in the Sun and her Recipe Records cookbooks!

I think I’ll just stay here and drink…herbal tea info

Jean and I tried Tazo Passion (“It tastes pink!”), Stash licorice (Jean’s fave but not Caroline’s), and Meijer brand Red Rooibus (a more tea-ish tasting herbal tea).

Here's a shot of the Passion tea:

Thanks to Kayla and Kerrie for being on the show again this time!

Join me for the next new episode on Tuesday, March 22nd!


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It's here!

I can't wait for you to meet my friends and guests! We've got so much fun stuff planned--great topics and all kinds of shenanigans to keep you entertained. Check back every Tuesday for new episodes!

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