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Episode 5 SHOW NOTES

Kerrie Olzak Stupid Hobbies

Kerrie is a great crafter--but all great crafters have their share of non-giftable creations. Kerrie was nice enough to share them with us, though!

The more basketball than Dr. Strange logo etched rocks glass.

The "superhero landing" Harley Quinn ring holder.

Moving on from fail-ish to "geeky"...we have embroidery made significantly cooler through the use of curse words. I need this tea towel in my life.

And I'm going to say recreating meals from your favorite steakhouses and going wild with your home tiki bar is NOT EVEN IN THE REALM of geeky. This is quite possibly the best-stocked home bar in the world. Definitely going to need to wrangle myself an invite for dinner and drinks.

Kayla Yeh contact info

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson author/book info (all books with links are listed on her website)

Next episode on Tuesday, April 19th!


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It's here!

I can't wait for you to meet my friends and guests! We've got so much fun stuff planned--great topics and all kinds of shenanigans to keep you entertained. Check back every Tuesday for new episodes!

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